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Safety is of utmost importance to Autogas. Here is a brief look at the many safety features a typical system includes.
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1. LPG Tank
Stako tanks - Crash Tested and with the following approvals and certifications, ECE R67.01 UN, ECE R110 UN, ASME, GOST, Australian, Standard 3509, Indian Standard 14899, Korean Standard, 9723/EC, 99/36/EC. Approved.
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2. Intake Valve
Antileak pressure resistant shut off valve.
3. Multivalve
Intake non return valve.
Manual supply shut off valve.
Pressure release valve.
LPG capacity controller full up to 80% to leave room for expansion.
Mechanical magnetised LPG level meter.
Electronics supply cut off valve to switch off LPG supply when engine is off and ignition is on.
Electronic supply cut off valve in full flow circumstances (e.g. pipe failure).
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4. Reducer
Electronic LPG supply cut off
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5. Injector Rail
HANA injectors have many merits such as low noise, heat-resistance and the function of selection each cylinder fuel quantity. Hana injectors have much more less variation of fuel quantity and much longer lasting use. Approved ECE R67, ECE R110 and Australian certified.
6. ECU
Latest technology, OBD connection for a continuous gas trim calibration, fully programmable and mappable. Controls exact amount of fuel supply and controls LPG supply electro valves.
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7. Switch
Switch with fuel level indicator.
8. LPG filter
Steel pressure resistant LPG filter.
9. MAP Sensor
Measures manifold pressure and send information to ECU.
LPG Tank - 10 year warranty
Intake Valve, Multivalve, Reducer, Injector Rail, ECU, Switch, MAP Sensor - 2 year warranty
Pipes and Filters - no warranty
Additional Safety
Extra Testing in VRT - Leak Test
Extra Tasks in vehicle service - Leak Test and LPG Filter no. 9 replacement.

Equipment used is the latest version of equipment by AG Centrum www.agcentrum.pl

Compared with petrol and
diesel, LPG is the best
environmental alternative
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